Types of Car Body Damage

Car Body Repairs

Looking for car body repairs in your locality? Looking at directories and surfing the internet can provide you with a list of car body repair shops. However, what you may not find is the type of car body repairs that these auto shops do. They may generally term your requirement for auto body repair as collision or car body damage. You may need to speak to an honest car body repair man to determine the type of damage your car sustained. To help you, here are the types of car body damages:

Primary Damage. Direct or primary damage result from a headstrong collision. The impact will usually result with the largest area of visible damage on your car. This damage is assessed by determining the direction of the damage. By ascertaining the direction of the colliding vehicle or object, staff for car body repairs will also assess any consequential damage that may have happened as the result of the impact.

Car Body Repairs

Car Body Repairs

Secondary Damage. Indirect or secondary damage is the resulting damage from the impact aside from the area hit. For instance, if your car collided with a large vehicle or object, the impact may be so strong that the headlights at the back of the car get broken. This is secondary damage. Other structures like the window or the door getting jammed after the collision impact are also considered secondary damage. This damage is further categorized into two main classifications:

  • Visible Damage. Visible damage is a type of indirect damage that can be visually assessed. In addition to the instance provided above, this could also be damage to surrounding structures of the vehicle as a result of the impact.
  • Concealed Damage. This type of secondary damage is that part of the damage that needs further assessment. The collision may have subsequently caused a part of the engine to break loose or may cause for wheel misalignment. Such damage will require intensive repair aside from the car body repairs.

These damages are further described by the car body repair staff in the following technical terms:

Parallel side damage. This type of major damage is sustained when the impact of the moving vehicles creates a subsequent damage along the full length of the car like broken windows and mirrors.

Direct side damage. Damage that is caused by a direct contact with the side of the vehicle, causing subsequent damage.

Roll over damage. As the term implies, this damage is sustained by the vehicle when it rolled over before returning to its upright position. Perhaps this type of damage will cause damage to almost every panel of the car.

Front end damage. This is the damage that is sustained at the front of the car, damaging headlights, bumper and the front bulkhead.

Total write off. When your car body repairs shop says this, this means that the car’s damage is so extensive that it is beyond repair. If you chose to get it repaired, you will be advised that the repair cost may be more than the value of the car itself.

If you are looking for a car body repairs shop, it would be best to at least be familiar with these terms so as to determine the amount of money that you’ll spend with the repairs as well as time that the auto shop will need in repairing it. You don’t need to know every word or technical term, but having an idea of what the repair men are talking about helps.