Green Motoring: The Low Cost, Low Carbon Alternatives to Petrol Cars

Car body repairs Derby know the importance of having a better impact on the environment, and so we like to keep up with the latest news on cars and our planet!

It’s common knowledge that the world is thinking about different ways on how to be greener and more eco friendly. The first thing that comes to mind is most likely your car.

Car’s and other vehicles such as motorbikes etc are notorious for spitting out harmful gases that destroy our atmosphere and cause rapid climate change. But in a world where we lead busy lives and are working more than ever, is there really an alternative?

Car Body Repairs Derby

Car Body Repairs Derby

Apparently so, many car manufacturers are now investing in producing cars that just run on electricity alone. But they still haven’t been proven all that popular, with sales figures being fairly low and not too impressive. So what is the reason for low sales figures? Maybe due to only being able to run it for a constant 90 miles, before it needs charging again, this factor takes out all the convenience of driving, unlike having a regular car where you are able to fill up every few miles or so. The truth is it appears the electric car just isn’t suitable for most people, unless you just drive small trips in an urban and congested city. Perhaps we just aren’t ready for the world of electric cars yet.

So enters the hybrid car, which offers a mix of the two. This crossover seems to be the more popular choice amongst drivers who are keen to try out the latest gadgets. Hybrids have an electric motor, but also have the option to use fuel. This allows commuters to save money in the week when they’re driving a few miles to work, but also enables them to make longer journeys using their fuel at the weekends. Is this the perfect mix? Maybe so, but it doesn’t come cheap, with some costing as much as £40,000. This is perhaps why these hybrid cars haven’t quite taken off as well as hoped.

It’s perfectly fine to accept that we aren’t ready for this technology yet. There are many petrol and diesel cars that are popping up on the market that have low emissions and don’t require you to pay tax on them. They aren’t too expensive, and are great if you want to be more environmentally responsible.

It’s probably quite easy to get sucked into the latest gadgets and the latest technologies, but it doesn’t always mean that this is the right option for you, or for many of us for that matter. If you are worried about your carbon footprint, there are other ways you can reduce it without going to extreme measures, start of small and these changes will have a bigger difference than you might think.

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