5 Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Vehicle Damage

Car Repair DerbyFrom time to time our cars unfortunately get dented and scratched meaning having to get them repaired. Cars that are parked on roads and drives can get dented by other vehicles or sometimes by vandalism. Parking your vehicle in a car park is another area where your vehicle is vulnerable to dents and scratches with people accidentally opening their car doors onto other cars.

Follow these 5 helpful steps from Car Body Repairs Derby, and you will be able to avoid seeing your car suffer from from dents, scratches, scuffs and will also help you avoid having to pay expensive repair costs.

1. Make sure your garage is clutter free. Most people assume that parking their car in the garage is better than leaving it on the street, where it is vulnerable to other cars hitting it or being damaged by vandalism. However, whilst this may be better for your car garages full of clutter could also damage your vehicle by scratching the paintwork or denting other areas of the vehicle. So make sure your garage is clear of anything that could potentially cause unnecessary damage to your car.Car Body Repairs Derby

2. Be careful when parking. When trying to find a parking space in a nearly full car park or deciding if your car can fit into a tight space, can be frustrating and may therefore lead to you just settling for anywhere just so you have a space. Some things that we don’t think about are: Did we leave enough space between cars and can we open the doors or have you parked near any obstructions. All of these could be a potential hazard which could leave your vehicle with a lot of damage if you haven’t taken care with your parking. So to avoid any damage being left on your car remember to leave enough space between vehicles and don’t try and squeeze you car into tight spaces.

3. Try to avoid parking in vulnerable places. Car Body Repairs Derby advise that this can vary but generally means, trying to avoid parking your vehicle in an area where it may be prone to being hit by another car or even worse: vandalism. If you have parked your car in an area known for antisocial behaviour the chances are that whoever may have hit your car won’t be as honest as most people and admit to causing the damage, meaning the possibility of an expensive car body repair service.

4. Don’t park too close to other vehicles. If possible try to avoid parking to close to other vehicles. Car doors being opened onto other vehicles is all too common and can leave scuffs dents and scratches on your vehicle. When in a car park for example try to find a space that leaves enough room for car doors to be opened easily which will help avoid unwanted damage.

5. Park near cars that look well maintained. The idea behind this is that if a car looks well maintained it is less likely be that your car would end up being damaged. This is because if a car is very well maintained the owner also wants to avoid any unnecessary damage to his or her car and will therefore be less likely to open their car door onto yours. Unfortunately, no matter how careful we may be, there are always going to be things that are beyond our control. Following these 5 tips will hopefully ensure you never need to have your vehicle repaired.

However, if the worst does happen visit Car Body Repairs Derby, and with our very competitive prices our highly trained technicians will be able to repair any damage to your vehicle and restore it to its original perfection.