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  • 4 of the Most Expensive Car Problems

    Cars can be very costly to fix, whether it’s down to poor maintenance, manufacturing faults or just old age, fixing your car is never a pretty sight when you receive the bill. Keeping on top of your cars maintenance is extremely important, not looking after your car can see the deterioration of car parts, which […]

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  • LISTED: 30 Worst DIY Car Repair Fails We’ve Ever Seen

    Car body repairs Derby often see car repairs that have been carried out by an inexperienced person. Sometimes you may think that it’ll be easy enough to try and fix a small problem yourself, but you can often make it a whole lot worse. Check out some of the worst DIY car repairs we’ve ever […]

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  • 49% of Us Don’t Know How to Change a Tire . . . 1% Don’t Know How to Pump Gas

    Car body repairs Derby believe that in this day and age, people would know how to do the most basic tasks on their car, but according to a recent survey, as many as 58% of us don’t know how to change the oil for our cars. Do you think people should be able to perform […]

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  • App Helps Drivers Navigate Repair Costs

    A new app has been released that could potentially help you see how much your car repair really costs. Imagine being able to find out how much car body repairs derby would cost you? The app is only in the US at the moment, but we think it’d be a fantastic idea if it was […]

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  • Car body repairs derby help you get back on the road

    Car accidents happen and Car body repairs derby car owners choose can help them get back on the road as soon as possible. Do you know what to do if you have a car accident? What if there is damage? Do you know how to find a shop for car body repairs? Derby has some […]

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  • Car Body Repairs Derby | Help make your car as good as new


     Work Can Help A Car Look As Good As New Cars are not indestructible. A collision can lead to a car suffering from major dents and damage. With the help of car body repairs Derby services, restoring the look of the car’s exterior back to its original condition is possible. Yes, a good auto body mechanic can […]

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  • Green Motoring: The Low Cost, Low Carbon Alternatives to Petrol Cars

    Car body repairs Derby know the importance of having a better impact on the environment, and so we like to keep up with the latest news on cars and our planet! It’s common knowledge that the world is thinking about different ways on how to be greener and more eco friendly. The first thing that […]

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  • Britain’s Least Reliable Cars Revealed

    According to a recent survey a lot of the most unreliable cars, are the most prestigous. With cars such as the Mercedes Benz and Land Rover coming in at the bottom, car body repairs Derby wonder whether it’s worth spending all your hard earned cash, on an expensive car that is notorious for being unreliable. […]

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  • Interactive Audi Cam Smoothes Car Repairs

    Car Body Repairs Derby have seen that there are constant new technologies appearing all the time when it comes to cars, things are becoming far more advanced and more detailed, but have Audi taken it one step too far with their handy cam? Is it just another step in seeing services becoming too impersonalised? Interactive […]

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  • One In Five Cars Damaged By UK Roads

    Car body repairs Derby have noticed a wave of people needing their cars repaired in the past few years. Weather change has meant that the roads are becoming more damaged from severe weather conditions like snow, and leaving pot holes in the road, this is damaging cars more than we think. One in five cars […]

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