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  • The List Shorts #0530: Change your own oil

    Car maintenance is an essential for all car owners.Servicing all areas of your car especially items such as your engine, tyres and alloy wheels is important to ensuring your car is safe and roadworthy. Certain maintenance can be done at home such as small things like changing your cars oil. These are all relatively small […]

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  • Your Guide to Potholes: Driving Safety Tips


    The creation of potholes During winter the roads can become quite hazardous and even more so when lack of maintenance allows for pot holes to develop. Pot holes seem to become an increasing common occurrence on British roads and it affects both the performance of our car and components such as bodywork and tyres (especially […]

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  • New Cars for 2013: Hyundai

    The ever changing face of cars and the future of the auto industry is getting people more and more interested. With constantly changing technologies and more advanced technology now being used, it’s an exciting insight into the way we could potentially be travelling. Car body repairs Derby found this article which takes a look at […]

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  • Councils’ £15m bill for cars damaged by potholes as one in eight motorists suffer damaged vehicles

    In a latest news story that’s hit the headlines, it’s been reported that the council have received a £15m bill for the many cars damaged by potholes in the roads of the UK. Car body repairs derby have noticed that many of these potholes still haven’t been fixed, some even from last winter, so it’s […]

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  • Diesel Cars Fall Behind Petrol in Which? Cost Test

    It’s often been predicted that diesel cars are much better than petrol, more efficient and better runners. But in a recent test carried out by Which? it appears that petrol cars came out top for efficiency and most cost effective. Car body repairs Derby think they both have their asvantages, which do you prefer? Read […]

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  • Used Car Complaints Top Citizens Advice List

    Citizens advice helpline have claimed that their most common complaint is about used car sales from independant dealers. It can often feel daunting trying to find a reliable seller, but car body repairs Derby believe that with some simple research and a visit with a friend who perhaps knows a little about cars, can mean […]

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  • Car Costs Put The Brakes on Spending

    With the rise in fuel prices and rise in insurance premiums, motorists are becoming more concerned with the costs of their motoring. Many of the public think the government aren’t doing enough to help motorists with the increasing costs of driving. Car body repairs Derby think that with many struggling to pay for repair and […]

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  • Green Motoring: The Low Cost, Low Carbon Alternatives to Petrol Cars

    Car body repairs Derby know the importance of having a better impact on the environment, and so we like to keep up with the latest news on cars and our planet! It’s common knowledge that the world is thinking about different ways on how to be greener and more eco friendly. The first thing that […]

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  • Honda Holds Top Reliability Title

    It’s always a risk when buying a new car, which one will be the most reliable? Car body repairs Derby have found that according to this news story, Honda have held their title for most reliable car in the UK, for the 7th year running. Quite impressive! Honda holds top reliability title.

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  • Electric Cars: Is Now The Time to Plug In?

    Car body repairs Derby like to keep up with the latest car news updates, and have noticed a lot of talk about how to be more green. Which raises the question are electric cars the way forward? With people thinking more and more about eco friendly ways to conserve the planet, it’s no wonder electric […]

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