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  • The Preventive Maintenance You Need to Do On Your Car (and When)

    Preventative maintenance is important for your car. It can ensure it is both road safe and legal and help towards keeping it in good condition for a longer future. Alloy wheels are just one part of your car that you will need to keep well maintained if you are to keep it in good condition […]

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  • The List Shorts #0530: Change your own oil

    Car maintenance is an essential for all car owners.Servicing all areas of your car especially items such as your engine, tyres and alloy wheels is important to ensuring your car is safe and roadworthy. Certain maintenance can be done at home such as small things like changing your cars oil. These are all relatively small […]

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  • A guide to extended warranty for cars

    Buying a car is a major investment and can be a large purchase for many of us. Therefore we should all take the time to learn about the ins and outs of buying a car. Such as what to look for; from the engine to the alloy wheels and tyres these all need to checked. Then […]

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  • Are you a boy racer? Here’s how to stay safe

    If you consider your self a bit of a boy racer then you may have kitted your car with the latest modifications and alloy wheels. You will be wanting to keep them in good condition and therefore being safe on the road inst just good sense to keeping you alive but keeping your vehicle on […]

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  • Your Guide to Potholes: Driving Safety Tips


    The creation of potholes During winter the roads can become quite hazardous and even more so when lack of maintenance allows for pot holes to develop. Pot holes seem to become an increasing common occurrence on British roads and it affects both the performance of our car and components such as bodywork and tyres (especially […]

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  • 4 of the Most Expensive Car Problems

    Cars can be very costly to fix, whether it’s down to poor maintenance, manufacturing faults or just old age, fixing your car is never a pretty sight when you receive the bill. Keeping on top of your cars maintenance is extremely important, not looking after your car can see the deterioration of car parts, which […]

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  • LISTED: 30 Worst DIY Car Repair Fails We’ve Ever Seen

    Car body repairs Derby often see car repairs that have been carried out by an inexperienced person. Sometimes you may think that it’ll be easy enough to try and fix a small problem yourself, but you can often make it a whole lot worse. Check out some of the worst DIY car repairs we’ve ever […]

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  • 49% of Us Don’t Know How to Change a Tire . . . 1% Don’t Know How to Pump Gas

    Car body repairs Derby believe that in this day and age, people would know how to do the most basic tasks on their car, but according to a recent survey, as many as 58% of us don’t know how to change the oil for our cars. Do you think people should be able to perform […]

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  • App Helps Drivers Navigate Repair Costs

    A new app has been released that could potentially help you see how much your car repair really costs. Imagine being able to find out how much car body repairs derby would cost you? The app is only in the US at the moment, but we think it’d be a fantastic idea if it was […]

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  • Tyre Pressure

    Our alloy wheel repairs derby team know that your car is a big investment. With being such a large purchase you will want to keep it in optimum condition. To keep it healthy and on the road there are essential maintenance checks you should make.  When you make your routinely inspection of your car be […]

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