Car Scratch Repair – How Much Will it Cost?

Car Scratch Repair Derby

One of the most common questions we’re asked over the phone here at Bromham’s Bodyworks is about car scratch repair – specifically, how much it costs. It’s alarmingly easy for cars to get scratched in this day and age – due to accidents, other people driving carelessly, or events such as the happy child above creating a lovely drawing for the car owner with a key on the car’s wing. Having to constantly repair scratches can become a real chore for car owners, who are concerned that the expense can bankrupt them!

Of course there are little dings which can be mended or covered with consumer grade products you can find in garages, petrol courts and supermarkets. However, for any significant scratch, you’ll find that professional car scratch repair is what you need, especially if you’re thinking about selling the car, or you need to impress friends, family, or business associates. A clean, shining, scratch-free car can set the tone of a business meeting even before you’ve greeted your associates – so if you’ve got a big meeting coming up, make sure the car you drive in is in perfect condition!

How Much Does Car Scratch Repair Cost?

Car Scratch RepairOf course, there can be a range of prices we at Bromham’s Bodyworks would charge – a single scratch which takes just a few working hours and a small amount of materials to repair will be a lot less than an entire section of heavily scratched bodywork, but the fact is that you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised when you visit us. We offer amazingly competitive quotes. We’re confident that we’re the most competent, professional and most skilled bodywork repair specialist in Derby – and we don’t want you to go anywhere else for your scratch repair needs! That’s why we offer the best quotes around.

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