Vehicle Scratch Repair Tips

Car Body Repair DerbyCar scratches can be very frustrating and can become very difficult to ignore. These scratches can occur on nearly any part of a car, in places such as the bumper, bodywork or headlights.

You don’t need any expensive tools to help you distinguish if it is a scratch or a mark. Car Body Repairs Derby recommends rubbing your finger over the mark to see whether or not it is set into the paint or is just lying on top of it. If the mark appears to be from some kind of rubber, possibly plastic or even other paint it should be able to be removed quite easily with an adhesive remover.

More stubborn marks can be removed with a soft cloth and some kind of solvent thinner. If the mark continues to be there after using one of these products, it is then best to try some sort of rubbing or polishing compound. Follow the guide below from Car Body Repairs Derby to help you remove any scratches from your car

1. First of all, make sure the area has been cleaned using soap and water.

2. The next thing to do is spread the rubbing compound on the mark and in a circular motion continually rub the compound over area until the mark disappears.

3. Once this mark has been removed you need to switch to a back-and-forth motion doing this will remove any of the circular buffing marks.

4. Then, using a fresh cloth, buff the area to remove all trace of the rubbing compound.

5. You will then need to remove the scratches that will be quite fine and will have been left by the rubbing compound. To do this take a clean fresh pad and begin to clean the area.

6. Finally, seal the surface in by using a good recommended car wax.

By following this guide from Car Body Repairs Derby, you will be able to keep your car scratch free and looking like new.