Avoiding winter breakdowns


car-body-repairs-derbyWinter Breakdowns


The car body repairs derby team are getting their cars ready for winter and we think it is a great way to avoid winter breakdowns. Most car owners are aware that in winter our vehicles require a little more TLC and maintenance. Getting your car prepared for the colder months makes being on the road a lot safer.


For peace of mind and safety you should always carry breakdown cover for roadside assistance. A breakdown can occur at anytime and when winter hits it can be even more frustrating.


Before you take any journey you should always aim to make regular inspections of your vehicle; paying special attention to the common things that cause breakdowns. Making these checks can prevent a breakdown from occurring and will keep you on the road and free from harm.


Here are some common causes for winter breakdowns…


  • Dead Batteries
  • Collisions/Accidents (exacerbated by bad weather and driving conditions)
  • Punctures
  • Electrical and Mechanical Systems Faults and Failures
  • Running Out Of Fuel


Dead Batteries

From just trying to begin a journey from your own property or being far from home one of the most highly reported occurrences to roadside assistance is a dead battery. You should always have your battery checked several times a year; you can simply ask your local mechanic or test it yourself with purpose voltage detectors. Remember all car batteries have a shelf live and if yours is nearing its expiry it may be worth replacing it before winter.


Simple Accidents


Another frequent cause of roadside breakdowns is simple accidents. With poorer driving conditions aggravated by bad weather many car owners can find themselves having a small collision or mishap. During winter whilst driving it is always a good idea to pay extra care and attention to the road.



Tyres can easily get punctures or blow out during winter when the temperatures begin to drop. Your tyres are exposed to the cold, harsher road conditions, chemicals, salt and grit for melting snow and ice which all takes its toll. If your tyres have become worn and degraded then you should consider replacing them in time for winter or swap them for seasonal snow tyres.


Electrical and Mechanical Systems Faults and Failures


Any cars system can malfunction; especially electronics and mechanics within the vehicle. You should be aware of you cars systems and make the routine checks or alternatively have a mechanic take a look.


Running Out Of Fuel


It is not uncommon for car owners to breakdown during winter because they have ran out of fuel. This is easily avoidable by making sure you check your fuel gage regularly to anticipate if you need to top up. If you’re planning longer journeys around winter then take the time to ensure you have filled your car with plenty of fuel for the journey. Also you could research were best to fill up with fuel along your journey just in case things change whilst travelling.

Be Prepared


Our car body repairs derby team have done some research and learnt that around 25% of car accidents in winter are due to cold and wet conditions on the road. Many of these can be avoided but you can’t predict or control how others will drive. The best you can do is to have your car prepared for the worst that winter can bring. Making the right checks and groundwork now will help keep you safe on the roads.


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