4 of the Most Expensive Car Problems

Cars can be very costly to fix, whether it’s down to poor maintenance, manufacturing faults or just old age, fixing your car is never a pretty sight when you receive the bill. Keeping on top of your cars maintenance is extremely important, not looking after your car can see the deterioration of car parts, which if serious enough could lead to serious accidents. If you keep on top of your car maintenance you will see lower repair bills in the future. If you are worried about the cost of your car repair bills, take a look at some of these most expensive car problems that you could face.

car body repairs derby

car body repairs derby

  • Blown Motor – Perhaps one of the most common issues reported with cars. Often if your motor goes, you’ll need to replace it which can end up costing you a lot of money. Usually if a motor blows, it’s a sign of another problems, blown motors often occur in cars with high mileage too, as when they get older, the parts become more worn, and will often need replacing to prevent other problems occurring.
  • Transmission – Problems with the transmission can often be down to the transmission fluid, which often gets forgotten about, aim to change your fluid every two to three years.
  • Head Gasket – Perhaps one of the most common problems that people may come across when it comes to expensive car failures. When your head gasket blows, you know you’re in trouble. Labour costs for replacing this can be very expensive, and if you have a car that isn’t of much value, then it may even be worth scrapping it, and getting a new car instead.
  • Air conditioning compressor – A compressor can malfunction due to a parts issue, or it can be a ripple effect from another part of your car that isn’t working correctly. These repairs can cost anywhere as much as £400.

There are many problems that can occur with your car, but if you take care of it, maintain it properly and take it in for regular servicing, hopefully you won’t have to see too many of these problems crop up.



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